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Monday, April 2, 2012

Poem: Why Cold Reminds Us of Life

All pain feels good,
If it is mild.
(It causes sensation.
Sensation is good.
Life is sensation.
Life is feeling and running and being.)
So does the chilling wind as it
Works its way inside of you.
Cold is associated with frozen motion,
The dark of night,
And this is why it reminds us of the life
It may take.

You come with me
To emerge out of the frosty winter and into spring
As the first little flowers appear out of the ground beneath,
And stay with me beneath the trees and by the lake
By the reeds swaying with fish and the dragonfly swarms,
While we battle the heat and pestilence and fullness of the dappling summer.
Here we pause,
As everything succumbs to the brown and dies
And pass by autumn’s rustic remorse
Before descending into the winter again.

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