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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poem: Bike Riding

As buds swell on tree limbs
And flowers finally explode
The air is warm and sweet,
A break from Winter’s icy grip

I trample fallen branch clippings
A cool breeze tickling my cheeks
I pedal faster,
Until my spokes ride the wind

A fire kindles in the night sky
As a passionate dawn approaches
Living things awaken and stir
Enlightening the yearly transition

The sun peeks through the azure horizon above,
Heating the cold and compact earth
Spring’s spirit lingers in the air
And the annual tulips live to see it through

I pedal even faster
Until the canvas of colors blend together
Mixing to make a painting
Like no other season
The sun has just come out to play
Bouncing gold beams off the bay
There’s a chorus in the trees
A symphony of birds and bees
A sweet perfume flounces in the air
Giving the atmosphere a heavenly flair

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