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Monday, April 2, 2012

Poem: Companion for Life

Sitting in a meadowIs a docile dog.
How sweet your are,
With warm brown eyes
Filled with adoration.
And a little black nose
Like a cute small button.
You’re the size of a puppy,
Yet I can tell from your
Endless patience
You are full-grown.
But you can call upon
Your youthful boundless energy
To steer your pebble-shaped paws
Your supple limbs
To follow a human you’ve made
Your companion.
I see
A stubby fluffy tail
Complete with a fluffy beige coat
To demonstrate your excitement
And obvious delight
At the sight of your friend.
I see
A hesitant mouth
Nursing a lapping tongue
And teeth
To devour meaty treats
Thrown at you
For you good behavior.
And jaws,
To grasp sticks and balls
When you play games.

That’s why I saw you,
Abandoned among the
Grass and flowers
Waiting for someone
On a slab of stone
To serve your loyalty for.
And that’s why I made
You my own.

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