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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Wanderings {4::1}

When the nurse reached the gardens…no, they were no longer gardens. They were turned-up masses of earth and hordes of forgotten farming tools. When she reached the devastation, it was silent.

“What happened? Is anyone there?” Deathly silence greeted her words. This did not bid well with her at all.

The nurse inspected the many torrents of destruction, and occasionally found grimy shreds of clothing, as though retched from someone’s large gullet.

“Is – anyone – here! If you do not show yourselves this instance…” she trailed off.

The nurse turned back to the village. This needed the master’s attention.

Maun screamed as she fell from the sky. She landed sideways and heard a sickening crack!, as well as an indescribable pain before she fainted.

When the girl roused, Eagle was perched on the nearest tree, his talons exposed with threat.  Her leg stuck out at an odd angle…Maun yelped as waves of pain crashed onto her. She had broken her leg when she fell.

“Why…wh-why did you… do thst…that?” she croaked out.

“Because you needed a reminder that Great Eagle’s talons are neither dirty nor ugly. They are beautiful, strong, mighty-”

“Help me!” she hollered. “Titalukia is going to come get me!”

Eagle began to say something, but cut off sharply. He spread his large wings. “Very well. Almighty Eagle has pardoned you.”

Maun turned deathly pale as she attempted to stand. “OWW! Oww, owww. OWWW!”

Eagle clamped her dress into his beak, and swung her over his back. Feeling very sick, she continued the journey.

“Master.” The nurse bowed to him. “I come with an urgent message. There seems to be some wreckage at the gardens.”

“ ‘Seems’ and ‘is’ are two different things entirely. Who told you this?” he rumbled.

“My own account, master. My eyes do not fool me.”

“Very well. If that is all…”
“I have one more thing to say, if you please listen. Your daughter is missing.”

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