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This is a site made by teens for teens. Here we’ll showcase our talents and experiences, and leave you jumping for joy along the way (no pun intended). If you’re considering starting blogging, consider joining us (see “Become a member”.) To learn more browse through our pages. But now, get ready to have a happy time!

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If you are interested in blogging with us, simply email me at Remember to click on a link blogger will send you by email, in order to confirm you want to join. To be a member you only have to follow these four rules:

1)      Please give each post a label of one of the categories. That way your posts don’t get overlooked. Also, add your name as a label, so we know who's who.
2)      Write a short bio on “About the Contributors” page. Make sure to include your email address too, so people could contact you, and a graphic/photo that represents you. Follow the template I used for my bio (“About Jadefireeyes” is at the top).
3)      Follow Blog for Joy. This way someone else is more likely to follow us and return if they see that it’s popular. Comment as much as you can as well!
4)      Have fun!

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