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This is a site made by teens for teens. Here we’ll showcase our talents and experiences, and leave you jumping for joy along the way (no pun intended). If you’re considering starting blogging, consider joining us (see “Become a member”.) To learn more browse through our pages. But now, get ready to have a happy time!

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 *All current ages are as of Summer 2012*


Jadefireeyes is the creator of Blog for Joy.  Besides writing, reading, drawing and playing a piano, and many, many other things, she enjoys photography and blogging. The idea came to help out with the hardships of being an insecure teenager, (see the category "Teen Self-Esteem") but has expanded to art, crafts, poetry, and so many more categories. She has already made a pen name for being an author.
Jadefireeyes is fourteen years old and and first entered the blogging world in 2011. She is working on a book,  the first book in a series of four. She has worked on it for a year now and her ideas constantly change, but she is positive about it. Jadefireeyes has posted many posts on all the categories. Go see them! And of course, she loves Blog for Joy more than any material possession and believes in it.
Her email is if you want to join this site.

Inmodica Runningjump is a young novelist who aspires to someday be a successful epic fantasy writer.  After writing and printing her first edition of Nova, the first book in her five-book series, The Second Circle, Inmodica is planning to become fully published by the time she leaves High School.  In September, she will turn 14 (finally!) Inmodica also is a violinist, soprano, night owl, tech savvyist, bookworm, and swimmer, and is partially fluent in Latin, Piglatin, Spanish, and English.  Her favorite quote is: "There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate." -Charles Dickens
Email her at


Hi everyone! I'm Juliet from! I'm an avid reader, hopeless romantic, and my dream is to be a high school teacher and best-selling novelist. I'm eighteen years old and want to major in secondary education or high school education. I've never had a pet and my favorite color is purple. :P A Purple Sky is my first blog and it just celebrated it's first birthday! I hope you stop by and enjoy my posts written on Blog for Joy! Forever, Juliet


Hello there, my names Leah. I'm a 15 year old, gemini, living in the UK, and reading fashion magazines until the early hours of the morning. I'm obsessed with The big bang theory, love the names Margo and Audrey, and laarve the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. I want to work in the fashion industry, adore the word 'fabby' and do indeed want to marry Ryan Gosling. The notebook, anybody? :'D. My blog is called Un arc-en Vintage, do check it out, and you can email me at I decided to join Blog for joy, because I want to expand my blogging horizon a little bit more, and try and see if I can learn more about different aspects of blogging. Okay, off I pop, Love you. Leah xox



Stacy N. is a fifteen year old blogger that enjoys reading, writing, taking the occasional picture or two, and going onto the internet. You may have met her on some sites for she takes up the pseudonyms of 1018mockingjay or any variation of nocturnal owlette. If you have found any of those pseudonyms without the help of google then congrats; do say a hello to her mentioning this blog or her main blog, Sweets Galore. Some other facts about Stacy N. is that she finished writing a book that’s in desperate need of a rewrite, called Immortality Doesn’t Exist. She hopes to put it on the shelves of bookstores and Amazon one day, after many revisions of it. But for right now, she is currently writing other fictional works that may or may not be published for readers across the world.
If you wish to find out more about Stacy N. please go to her main blog at, but if you’re bored and want someone to talk to you can email her at However, she might not respond as quickly as you like. But she’ll eventually respond back, no matter the time or the date.

My (blogger ego name) is Jasmine, Jazz for short and nicknamed Jazz Matazz. I blog over at EbonyBlackLines so feel free to drop on over. Here's my tumblr too.
I am a teenage girl living in the wet, cold, rainy country of England (-_-). I am a wannabe published author, professional reader, reviewer, blogger, lover of sports, kind of photographer, artist (sorta!) and linguist. I speak fluent sarcasm...;) lol.

I have too many favourite books and authors to name so don't ask and I HEART SPORTS! I play football and basketball for teams and I trampoline competitively and sometimes play badminton and tennis with my brother. I love every single colour and there are WAY too many to name but I do love purple, all shades of blue and green and red and pastel colours and.what did I tell you??!


Heidi Nagaitis is a 19 year old (20 in September!) History student and blogger, she’s an avid reader; loves fashion and spends a lot of time chatting nonsense. She blogs at: to try and quell her addiction to clothes (if there was fashion rehab, she’d be its most well-known resident!) and regularly empties her wardrobe, so she can fill it with more shoes, bags and dresses.
She loves a bargain and you’ll normally find her rummaging round vintage and charity shops, looking out for little gems. Having done some freelance writing, she’s decided that she’s got so much to say that she better get a job where she can write it all down, so is hoping to work on a magazine after graduation. She’ll be blogging about lots of different things that take her fancy, but most of her posts will probably revolve around fashion.
The best thing she’s learnt from her teenage years: too few shoes are a dangerous thing.


Sasha is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in a house full of books. She has a lot of creative hobbies: she's been writing stories since she could hold a pencil, on hikes her family gets too far ahead because she's photographing the grass, she loves playing her clarinet, and her friends readily state that she is obsessed with Shakespearean acing. Sasha also has two personal blogs, one writing blog and one photography blog, and she is very excited about blogging on Blog for Joy.


Hey guys! I'm Erin, a 12 year old Scottish aspiring writer and cupcake decorator who you may or may not know from my blog, "Red Velvet Violets". I love to dance, read, write, create and, of course, BLOG! I am in love with The Big Bang Theory and Skulduggery Pleasant, and I could pull an all nighter just surviving on fashion magazines, orange juice and minstrels. I am a very embarrassed but devoted Directioner, I love Rita Ora's music, and I enjoy having a good old fashioned dance with my besties :D You can most likely find me with my nose in a book, or staring out my window at the never - ending Scottish rain.
Peace out,

Erin x


Hello everyone! My name's Marian and and I am currently 16 years old. I like to think of myself as a creative, independent, bookworm. I spend a lot of my time on blogger, baking, reading, crafting and looking out the window at Ireland's constant rain, lost in thought.
I blog over at inkdropperr and in my spare time (how little of it there is) I like to play my piano.
I'm still undecided about my future so I take everyday as it comes. One of my favourite quotes, "In the end, it doesn't matter how many breaths you took,but how many moments took your breath away."


Hiya, I'm Nicola from Nicola's Notebook.  I love anything pink and cosy and I'm obsessed with floral patterns!  I love blogging, as I've always wanted to be a writer, so this is good practice for me:)  I play the viola and drums, a few other instruments and I sing.  I love doing musical theatre and there isn't a day that I'm not listening to music!  You can find me blogging loads of Instagram snaps, DIY and Fashion posts, and a few other bits and bobs.  I'm delighted to be a part of this, and you can look forward to seeing other posts from me soon!
Nicola x


My name is Amy-Anne Williams and I live in England. I'm 13, and have a FABOO blog over at, which is where I was actually ASKED to join THIS brillibubble blog! I review books for a hobby, write, read, rollerskate, and I LURVEE all things arty! I'm in year nine at school, but wish it would go faster so that I can go to art college, photography college, bakery college and catering college - if I can do all those! I hope to have my own little cupcake cafe when I'm older in either Brighton, Eastbourne, Hollywood, Orange County, New Jersey or New York called The Cupcakery when I'm older, and hope to be really close to my neighbours like those girls from the TV series 'Desperate Houswives'. I have short reddish brownish blondish hair like those models you see in Vogue (though, sadly, no where NEAR as perfect), a pair of those big geeky glasses just for the fun of it, and a slight Welsh twinge to my accent because I used to live in Wales only three years back. Oh, and now I'm just on a desperate mission to find my hidden talent because I MAY have *cough cough* applied for Britain's Got Talent... Woo?


Well, hello there! I see that since you've scrolled all the way down just to read my little bio, you must be really interested in knowing a bit about me, right? Okay, that was just me goofing off (as usual). XD I fancy myself of being known as a perfect weirdo. Now, I don't know if it's true or not, but I won't get mad at you if you called me that! In fact, I'll count that as a compliment!

I am forever making new blogs on Blogspot, as it is just so easy and fun! So among my insane number of blogs, there are probably only one or two I actually visit more frequently. On of these is, my site of free music sheets. Jadefireeyes was my very first "true" visitor there, and I do thank her for that. (Thanks, Jadefireeyes!)

What else? Oh, yes, the stuff I like to do. Well, I love doing handicrafts. (I think I ran out of crafts to do) And I sometimes like blogging (when I'm in the mood); I like playing the piano, trying out new things (including scaring my friends by drinking their weird concoctions). So far, I'm not dead yet! Also, my recent hobbies have been making sound effect/music and music sheets for my site, as well as making manips/photomanipulations on deviantART.


Hey! I'm Emily, a thirteen (fourteen in six weeks!) year old girl with a passion for reading, writing, drawing, fashion, hair and makeup design, clothes (especially vintage!), dogs, Ed Sheeran, and, of course blogging! Like most who frequent the internet I despise all sport and am as inflexible as it is possible to be whilst still being able to move my arms and legs...other things I hate are attention-seekers, science, fish, lamb and the p face (strange one I know but it INFURIATES me!). I aspire to be a bestselling novelist but the longest thing I've written so far is 12k, so that dream is still in the making! :L My main blog is over at Emily's Chronicles (bad name I know, but I can't think what to change it to!) so hop on over if you're AWESOME! ~heavy winking action~ Bye for now, Emily xx

Emily xx
Hi, I’m Charlotte, but in the online world I’m Charli. I'm a mature 12-year-old bookworm with a tendency to put a foot in my mouth. I'm a Potterhead, Heartbeat and Scout. My hobbies include reading, writing, swimming, photography and listening to music. My favourite authors are Cathy Hopkins, Cathy Cassidy and Sophie McKenzie, and my favourite band is The Script. My favourite colour is purple, and my favourite food is pizza!  I blog over at, and I also run a reading campaign, Just 1 Page, through it to. I want to be a politician when I grow up. You can email me at Bye for now! Charli xx

(By the way, this says I'm 12 as it is only 4 days till I'm 12 so I figured it would be easier for Jade to just say I'm 12.) 

Charli x
*All current ages are as of Autumn 2012*


Hi, I'm Molly. I'm 13 years old, and I live in the north of England. I spend most of my time listening to music, drawing cat whiskers on myself, and tidying up. Yeah.... I'm a neat freak... I don't actually have many friends in real life, they are mainly on the internet. I don't like people touching the back of my neck, or my nose. (Personal space people!) I have a huge crush on Daniel James Howell, and a less big but insanely intense crush on Phillip Micheal Lester. I mainly wear black, and my favorite bands are Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Muse, All Time Low, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Panic! At The Disco, and Nirvana.. My converse have squirrels on them. I make YouTube videos occasionally with my best friend Karys, and live on twitter (@eternal_derp). My username on twitter came from the fact that my face IS an eternal derp. So yuuurrrrrr, I think that's about it... Oh wait! I'm incredibly short. I'm 5'2 *insert massive 'I'm so short' face right here* My blog is , and my email is :3


Hi! I'm Isabel and I'm twelve (well, I'm technically eleven, but I'm twelve at the end of October). I blog at A Blurred Focus (, and I like to think of it as good. Maybe that's exaggerating. I'm a short blonde with an equally short temper, but don't worry, I don't express it on the internet! Sometimes I say stupid things, I'm that sort of person. I'm a nerdy writer, reader, artist, designer and terrible singer. I generally post reviews and opinions. Hope you enjoy my posts! Isabel x

Morgalicious is a contributing member in this incredible site, Blog for Joy. Besides reading, blogging, Irish Step Dancing, and day dreaming, and an extreme amount of other activities, she loves journaling and finger weaving. She blogs as often as she can, and her idea for the creation of her blog came from her incredible cousin, and she helped with the name too.
Morgalicious is thirteen years old and joined the blogging atmosphere earlier this year, 2012. She is very over obsessed withThe Hunger Games trilogy, but the brill Suzanne Collins. Morgalicious wish she wrote this herself, but has written many short stories, including her shortest, a continuation of Mockingjay, which is the third book in The Hunger Games. This is posted on her blog. She is a newly blossoming blogger and hopes to become well-known someday.
Her email is m99walter@gmail.comif you want to contact her.
Hey all! My name is Abbie and I am thirteen (fourteen in about four weeks) and I am originally from te blog Abigail's Treasures. I live in Ireland which is known as the green and rain. My hobbies and interests include music, blogging, writing, meeting new people, Twilght (I'm a HUGE fan), gossip addict, sugar crazy - etc.
In ten, fifteen years time I dream to have a sweet shop of my own in Central Park New York, live in a cosy penthouse apartment with a Maltese puppy, maybe have a book brought out, be with te love of my life (it's not happening yet so that is way down the line) and just being happy with life. 
To check out my blog click on this link -
I teamed up with Blog For Joy because I want to uncover my secret blogging talent and bring happiness. 
There was two bloggers in the past that invited me to take part on their blogs but very quickly they rejected me. So if you two are reading this you need to know that I am wrong person to mess with! I am now involved with The Teen Queens and I have created my own group blog called Lilac Daisies/
Thanks for listening! :) -Abbie.



Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a reader, a writer, an artist, and an otaku. I tend to write a lot when I read a lot, and draw tons when I’m watching anime :P . My creativity comes in spurts, so bear with me ;) . I’m sixteen, with a tendency to use far too many emoticons while writing, so you’ll have to deal with that too! I reside in Canada, where we live in igloos, and ride the mighty polar bear to school. My dreams of the future are currently on standby at the airport on a flight from Berlin, so you probably won’t be seeing those anytime soon. My interests include: snakes, rats, biology, insane characters, anime, popcorn, that one lead pencil that has 0.3 lead, and a host of other delightful things. My current best friend is, which I use to search up fantastical idioms to stop my slightly OCD brain from exploding at the sight of two identical words in the same sentence. If you want to look up my marvelous blog, please feel free to do so, as the link is You can contact me anytime at cannibalducks@gmail.comif you have any questions, comments, ideas, or strange urges to chat with a random stranger! Thank you for reading, have a swell day :)

Hi, i am Naana from, and my email is I turned 14 just this February 6th and i am really excited about joining blog for joy. I blog about fashion, beauty and my faith and i would be happy if you could check out my blog! I love reading, writing, singing, eating, cooking, ''modeling'', fashion, everything a typical girl would like! Here is my email address in case you need to reach me for anything from a request to advice! Thank you for visiting blog for joy and do stick around! x


Hi guys! I'm Helena from and you can contact me at I am a very avid reader, my fave book series is Harry Potter! I also love music: singing, playing flute, writing songs, and my sad attempt at dancing. I also love to write. I've been writing short stories all me life. :) I'm 13, and love my friends: they are what keep me sane! Wait, I'm already crazy. They keep me as sane as possible. So, I'm a little random and awkward too. People tell me I'm nice, smart, and a try hard. So yeah. Okay, gotta get back to my overload of homework (do the teachers think we have so social lives??) K bye.


Hello, my name is Abigail and I am fourteen years of age, fifteen this December. I blog over at Ruby Slippers in Wonderland. I spent a-lot of my time writing, listening to music, on blogger or weheartit and looking out the window at Ireland's constant rain and clouds just gazing in my thoughts. I'd like to think myself as creative, but in general most people think me a as weirdo, oh well! In my spare time I play piano, which I've been doing for seven - eight years. I also love watching films and my favourites are romantic/ comedies. I hope to aspire to be a writer someday, but I still have no idea what I want to do for the future. I have an obsession for quotes. You can email me at Thank you so much for listening!xLots of love, Abbie.


Stacey Macey is a 15-year-old Australian from the extreme-weathered region of south-east Queensland. She speaks fluent English, Strine (, a bit of Italian and is learning French at a Catholic school, where she is currently in year 10.

In her spare time Stacey reads, writes, eats, draws, plays piano, eats, does homework, sings, babysits her brother and sister, reads, eats, goes for long walks through the neighbourhood, goes for long walks through the neighbourhood with her pet cocker spaniel, cooks, drools over rockabilly clothing she would wear, swims, pesters her mum to let her dye her hair, plays piano and talks for extended periods of time to her friends using the landline phone. She is especially clumsy, a member of the school choir and middle school representative for her school's INTERACT club (

Although Stacey has her own blog at but has wanted to join Blog For Joy for a number of years now. Contact her at the email:

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