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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our life in shoes

To some people shoes are just merely a covering for two feet. Clunky things that hold them hostage. The first things to be flung into the corner after a day of school.
Even though this is true to me too, I feel they are so much more than that. Remember your first pair? You were just a little child, still probably couldn't pronounce "shoes" not to mind "stilettos". You were being influenced by shoes all around you. Where would Cinderella be without her glass slippers? As you vigorously moved on to your black school shoes favouring the ballet pumps but compromised with the parents only to get the doll that was hidden in the sole. As you grew, your feet grew and so did your pile of shoes. Strutting around in your big sis's heels and accidentally snapping them then hiding them way under her bed, acting all innocent. Those football boots you wore as your team won while you looked on from the sidelines.Then came converse and they were a must!
Face the facts: Shoes are a part or your life. They can tell so much about the person. They have been with you through rain, hail, sleet or snow. Thick and thin.
This is our life in shoes!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photos, Primroses, and Psh


Hey everyone! This is Morgan, from What's Hawt and What's Nawt! I am so excited to be part of Blog for Joy! So now, onto what I really want to talk about. 

First, since it is Halloween, I'm posting photos! Do not use my pictures without permission, please.

 I know, it's not many, but I am having some writer's block. I shall follow my tips I posted on my blog previously, and am going to take a walk later to get new ideas.
Anyway, I love and am obsessed with the Hunger Games, and I always wanted to know what a Primrose looked like!

This is the evening  Primrose from where our lovely Prim Everdeen gets her name. You can find this picture here.
Finally, before I go on a walk, I am going to say what I think about psh. I use that word a lot. I use it in:
"psh, I knew that" mostly though. How do you use it? <3 comment and email me and tell! Thanks! 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Forever behind me....

1 comment:
In the mirror
You're behind me
Your shadow to never die
I turn around
You're gone again
Just stay still, I cry
I want to know you
Know your pain
But you reject me every time
Just stay for once
And let us talk
Even about the most heinous crime.

Another little poem....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Front Of A Screen

Sitting alone
In front of a screen
Laughing at HP memes
On Pinterest
Then eating ice-cream
While watching YouTube
Sitting with friends
Still in front of a screen
This time
For French
While eating Pringles

Two hours later
Pinterest has crashed
YouTube is boring
Friends have gone home
Pringles finished
Still Fun.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Conquering Nanowrimo

Hi everyone! I'm back, with some tips on conquering Nanowrimo, a competition I believe every aspiring writer should enter.
This is my third year participating and I'm looking for my third win this year!  You can add me on Nanowrimo, I'm ilovepurple.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you can visit their website (click on Nanowrimo above) or read this short tidbit about it.
It's a month long noveling competition, starting November 1st and ending November 30th (so it starts in 10 days!!). You win if you write a 50,000 word (OR MORE!) novel in that period of time. It's really great to cure writers' block (see my last post, click here!) or to get experience with writing novels. I really recommend you do it if you want to be an author, and add me as a writing buddy, ilovepurple! :)

1.)  Make an outline. So, by this point, if you're participating, you should have a rough outline of chapters, or at least a basic idea of where you want your novel to go. Because it starts in ten days, I recommend you have a chapter outline, or at least your plot, character outlines, and conclusion written down somewhere. This will help you so you don't have to waste time during the month to think about what you want to happen next.

2.) DON'T EDIT. I CAN'T say this enough. While you're writing, don't stop to change ANYTHING. After the month is over, and you've successfully written 50,000 words, go back and edit it! (If you want copies from Createspace, you'll have six months to edit it!) Please don't waste time by changing things around (unless you want to add things in, of course!)

3.) No contractions! Don't, shouldn't, won't. NO!!! Do not, should not, will not. That's better. :) Separating words definitely makes a difference in your word count.

For those of you participating, good luck!
Please come visit me and my blog by clicking here.
And, I now have an Instagram! (Free app for ipods/iphones/android) Add me @apurplesky


Winter ~ A Poem

1 comment:
Just a little Poem I wrote about winter.

Dancing and glittering, snowflakes fall
Red noses and pink cheeks of children out playing
Jolly christmas carollers at your door
Mince pie, roast turkey, yum!
Presents unwrapped from novelty paper
Reading traditional tales on Christmas Eve
Long walks through the snowy park
How everyone loves winter

Peace Out,
Erin x

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Computer Art Theme Again

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I created her...
from her, using Try it out!

All this JOY

All this joy
Quite a lot
Of happiness to share
On this website
We contribute
And for this blog we care
So how about
You get comfy
And read a few little posts
Because you might
Find some joy
In the one you love the most.

Hi! I'm Isabel and this is my first post. I hope you liked my little poem about Blog For Joy. I am looking forward to blogging here!
Isabel xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four little photos


  • School has been hard on me by giving me too much homework. 
  • Thus the reason why I haven't been able to post.
  • However, I'll try to post more often.
  • And bullet points are fun. 
  • Also, dear 'old' Stacy is turning 16 today (on the 18th of October)
  • But I won't be getting my driver's licence yet because I still don't have my permit. 
  • So don't expect me to drive with anyone anywhere yet.
  • However, I'll still be writing stories, poetry, and taking pictures. 

Wishlist :)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peter Part 1

1 comment:

I had a dream, along these lines, but it was some other girl, and I thought it would make a good story.
I rested my head on the cold Flexi-glass and stared at the world below. I could walk on the clouds, and jump into the sea from here. 12 hours on a plane can be exhausting. Finally, after restless tossing and turning, I fell into a deep sleep. I dreamt of falling, which to me, is a nightmare. When I opened my eyes, the plane was just beginning to land. The pressure dropping made my ears pop. A little boy giggled behind me. Eventually, the plane came to a stop. I looked out of the window and saw... another plane. Stupid thing. Blocking my view of Mexico. Mum passed me my hand luggage, and we wriggled sideways inbetween the sweets. When I finally stepped off the plane, I felt a sudden urge to take off my jacket, and put on sunglasses. The Western sun beat down on my face, and I flicked a strand of brown hair from my face.

When we finally got to the hotel, all I wanted was a nice glass of orange juice. I opened the fridge, and saw lots of different cans, bottles, and packets... all labelled in Mexican. I grabbed a can of something pink and bubbly, with a picture of a melon on the front and took four great gulps. The bubbled suddenly came rushing up my nose, and I choked and spluttered.
I flung my suitcase on my bed, and went out into the courtyard, where a bunch of teenagers were talking and drinking melon poison. One boy sat and wrote in a notebook. He was tall, with sandy coloured hair flicked across his forehead. He had chocolate brown eyes, and I envied his long black eyelashes. I crept aross the basketball court to say hi to him. The other kids looked kind of chavvy.
He looked up from his notebook and smiled. I smiled back and waved. I hopped up onto the wall next to him. He wasn't writing, he was sketching. Quick, smooth strokes. I took a peek at what he was drawing. It was me!
"I'm Lauren" I smiled.
"Peter" he replied, never taking his eyes off the page.
"That's really good." I tried to act like I had no clue who it was. He chuckled and thanked me. When he finished, he wote a name at the bottom of the page, in beautiful cursive handwriting. I recognised it from Spanish class at school.
 An Angel.

It took all the strength I had not to keel over with pure delight. I tucked my fringe behind my ear and grinned like an idiot. Slowly, and steadily, trying to remember to talk English, he said
"Tonight, err, would you like to, um, meet me, at the flower, uh, garden?"
I almost screamed, but instead, calmly replied
"Yeah, sure" and smiled.

Did you like it? Should I post more? xxx

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Flame Within

1 comment:
                                                Treetops in the
The breath
Fire of shame

October 12th

1 comment:
The cold and quiet clouds
Are encapsulated in a cage of magnificence.
(Weeping vines sweep shoulder to shoulder.)
The city is suspended above us
And forever is beyond us.
One day I’ll take you to the marshes
Where the birds fly free.

Note to Self

1 comment:
In the mirror is my worst enemy and greatest friend.
You convey so little,
Your heart is late.
You trail the blazing stars and then -
You stop.

Pale as snow and dark like a jungle,
In the sun her hair glitters like a yellow forest.
A red rose and a white lily,
(And a bright blue sky as an afterthought.)

Beauty in the greatest,
Greatest is the true.
Truth in those who love you.
Love is beautiful.

Ode to Creativity

1 comment:
Let your
            Take you away from your usual reality

[The stigmatism makes the trees look shrouded in peacock feathers. The charred wood speaks of beginnings.]

Your dreams
            Can only take you so far

[The orange sun emerges like a city light. It’s a globe of fire, continents of flame. But the People of the Sun are burned by ice.]

Your heart
            Can lead the way,
                        But creativity will guide you

[Many things are held sacred in this world: the voices of the feathered things, the coming of Dawn, the mysteries of the end. Do you see your imaginings among them?]

Your dreams
            Can make you stronger
                        Love will make you wiser

[The fog drips down on the sidewalks. Is this what it feels like to be suspended in a cloud? Your breathththth encapsulated in the pearly white mist?]

As the winter goes,
            Spring will come
                        Will your colors burst free?

[The ocean stretches forever, the first sustenance. You always face the east when you swing, because that is where you came from. Uncertain waves channel the essence of infinity. What would it be like to fall into them?]

Be akin to
                        Watch the wild things


No comments:
The water laps very gently.
The river courses far into the forest,
Where trees rise over the banks.
Algae completely conceal the depths;
It is a light green and opaque,
Forming a floor one would wish to walk on.
The gondolas stir the aquatic foam,
Leaving a trail of black water.

It is quiet and tranquil.
The willow stands among the forest.
Birds hail the air with music.
Two paths diverging into the deep
Makes me think of that Robert Frost poem.
Vines overlap the open ceiling beams.
A large ant walks on a tendril.
Glossy purple, green and black.

A bridge overlooks a waterfall.
On the other side there are waterlilies in the distance:
Giant green plates, pink flowers.
There are reeds to my right.
A cloud of gnats swirl.
Sun pierces the forest canopy,
And bright color dances in the meadow.
Where do you want to go?

The Word Of Liar


I had a maths lesson today. It was kind of boring. Our teacher looks kind of like Professor McGonagell, from Harry Potter. But anyway, I'm going off the subject. In maths today, I found out that, in maths, rules are not made to be broken. 1+1 will always equal 2, and 10 divided by 5 will never be 3. This annoys me... I'm a writer. Creative, a rule-breaker. But it annoys my parents, my teachers, because I make up stories, things to make lessons more interesting. My teachers don't think of it as that, though. They call me a liar...

No one knows why the word bothers me so much. If my brother so much as says "Natasha, liar, liar, pants on fire!" I get upset and cry for 20 minutes. Not even my mum understands it. Of course, she wants to know why... but each time she brings it up, I walk away, tears glistening in my eyes. It's not that I don't want to tell. But I promised her...

2 years ago, my best friend Cherry ran away from home. She made me promise  I wouldn't tell anyone why. When the police asked, I lied. I told them I hadn't seen her, and about a week after a man, probably some-one Cherry asked to give a statement, told them he saw her commit suicide. This makes me a liar.
The word reminds me of her....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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The gypsy moth

And tarantula hawk

Spun around in light.

The white-lined sphinx

And the weevil and ticks

Die and wed in night.


Cotton leafworms

And monarch butterflies

Twirl in the blight.

Hornets, aphids,

The damsel fly and all,

Rule like one tonight.


1 comment:
Sometimes, you just want to sit around,
Because you're tired, miserable, ill
Sometimes, you just want to run around,
Because you're bored, happy, trying to be annoying,
Sometimes, you just want to cry,
With rage, sadness, or joy
Sometimes, you just want to read,
Whether it's you're favourite childhood book, the lastest magazine, or some poetry
Or maybe, you just want to read this.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin Franklin


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last Saturday

Last Saturday

Washing the morning dishes,
Just minding my own business,
(A bit grudging, I must add),
When down it rained, beauty-clad.

Strains of pleasing melody,
Triads in sweet harmony,
I cast eyes outward, wonder!
The music did not flounder.

Down it wafted from above,
Gently, gently, like a dove;
Master fingers undisclosed,
As they played the highs and lows.

I hurried with the washing,
No sign of tuneless humming.
Finally done, I grabbed the leash
As excuse of remedy.

With my dog, hasted to sidewalk
And slowed my pace to a walk.
Ears now alert, eyes akin,
For the music was now dim.

Now my gaze is on high grounds,
Still the rapturous effects sounds.
With a sudden jolt, I knew,
Keys I used to play so true.

Oh, joy! One of my Bach piece!
Now the skillful play has ceased
Fleeting time, I'm back at home
The piano's where I roam.

This all really happened, although the “my Bach piece” wasn't. Inspired by the incident, I decided to write it down. This was my best in-one-hour poem I've ever written. ^^

Critiques and comments welcomed!

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