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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photos, Primroses, and Psh

Hey everyone! This is Morgan, from What's Hawt and What's Nawt! I am so excited to be part of Blog for Joy! So now, onto what I really want to talk about. 

First, since it is Halloween, I'm posting photos! Do not use my pictures without permission, please.

 I know, it's not many, but I am having some writer's block. I shall follow my tips I posted on my blog previously, and am going to take a walk later to get new ideas.
Anyway, I love and am obsessed with the Hunger Games, and I always wanted to know what a Primrose looked like!

This is the evening  Primrose from where our lovely Prim Everdeen gets her name. You can find this picture here.
Finally, before I go on a walk, I am going to say what I think about psh. I use that word a lot. I use it in:
"psh, I knew that" mostly though. How do you use it? <3 comment and email me and tell! Thanks! 



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