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Monday, April 2, 2012

Poem: Jade Fire

Jade Dragon Serenity Glow
This is a poem inspired by Jade Fire, written by Adrienne Lirio from “Thoughts from the Inside Out: A Journey of Self Discovery". The stanzas I added are in brackets. Jadefireeyes

Eyes that spark
In deepest green

[That see Earth
In dark unseen]

Boiling inside
Shooting steam

[Succumbing outside
Passing beam]

Shaking with a
Violent rage

[Marking with
Infinite age]

Monster breaking
From its cage

[Creature shaking
War to wage]

Spewing out
Without rein

[Thirsting out
Heart insane]

Muscles clenching
Showing strain

[Mighty journeys
Molded pain]

Destructive power
Emerald hue

[I write the world
How about you?]

Erupts jade fire
Diminishing you

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