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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Wanderings {2::2}

Was it really? But it was; a swift deer, and a small creature that can only be a rodent raced toward her.

“Hurry, child, for Titalukia has smelled you!” White-Tailed Deer exclaimed at her.

“But why have you returned to save me?” Maun asked in awe.

“Ground Squirrel took pity in you, spoiled child. Run to us now!

Maun swayed to her feet, but collapsed in exhaustion. White-Tailed Deer came to her aid. “Climb onto me!” she screeched.

They sped away for a few yards, Ground Squirrel amongst them, but he soon lagged behind.

“It…is…closing to me,” he panted. Maun did not understand what he was talking about.

“Return back! I’ll take the girl!” White-Tailed Deer exclaimed, but Ground Squirrel did not answer. She froze, and turned around to look. “No, no, it can not be,” she muttered. He had suddenly disappeared. She called desperately after him, “Ground Squirrel? Where are you!” Still no reply.

White-Tailed Deer sniffed the air in attempt to smell him, but she choked out, “No! Why him? Why not me?”

Ground Squirrel had been lost forever to Titalukia.
Maun gasped of what would have happened if White-Tailed Deer had come any later. They galloped at the speed of thunder, but the undergrowth whipped against them to hold them back. While White-Tailed Deer was busy lamenting the loss of Ground Squirrel, Maun tried her hardest to hold on. Her hands were slipping…no! She must not become fresh meat for Titalukia. She shall live!

This gave Maun enough newfound strength to push her arms through White-Tailed Deer’s pelt, leaving bloody streaks in her pretty fur.

“He is too near to us!” the female deer shrieked.

They plowed through wild brush and ferns, but the more they progressed, the more they slowed.

“The black magic is beginning to cloud my senses as well, just like Ground Squirrel!” White-Tailed Deer announced in dismay. Maun caught her breath, and her heart attempted to escape from her chest. Please…hold on, just until we are able to escape this forest, she pleaded.

You need help, fawn?” a cool voice sneered. “What’s wrong, old Hungry Face after you?”

Tendrils of vines were beginning to snake into her tired sleepless eyes, but Maun brushed them away with trembling hands. She squinted and glared at the cedar that held the speaker. It looked like a bird, but it was too high up for her to be sure.

“Crow,” White-Tailed snapped in impatience, “It is after the girl, not I. The path is starting to close to me, because I have been with her too long. I don’t suppose you want Titalukia discovering you in your precious tree,” she spat, as she struggled against the forest debris.

“Hmm…I don’t suppose I do. However, I do know the perfect solution,” Crow cooed sweetly. “You simply take the girl back to Titalukia,” he spoke icily calm. “Hmm, I wouldn’t mind if you stay for his feast. I sure would like to get rid of you.”

“That is not going to happen,” White-Tailed Deer lashed out. “You know what an uproar the rest of the forest animals would cause if they found out that you left me to the monster.”

“Well, I guess I’ll give that to you, sweetie,” he sighed. “Fine, I’ll take the stupid brat. Go on, shoo. What are you waiting for, or did you change your mind about staying?” he smirked at White-Tailed Deer.

She sighed, and then turned to Maun. “Well, so long. I definitely did not leave you in good hands.” She shot one last reproachful look at Crow, and disappeared into the trees.

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