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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Wanderings {3::4}

As the nurse started down for breakfast, the cook cried out, “The master has come home! I need enough ingredients to make him a welcoming feast!”

“At the crack of dawn?” The nurse shook her head, although it was no small matter to complain about.

“Yes!” she wailed. “And I have heard no word from the gardeners.”

That was interesting. They’re usually up before even the sun peeks out, tending their crops. Very strange.

“Can you request a messenger to go to the fields?”

“Does it look like I have one?” she snapped. “I would go myself, but I need to be ready to prepare the meal.”

“Well, I want to eat as well,” the nurse murmured. “Fine, I will go. Though I get a few scraps of your finest pudding when I return.”

“Very well! Just hurry!”

The nurse walked briskly toward the gardens. A nuisance to go there at this time of the day. The rays of the sun scattered across the sky like mist; yet it was still chilly. She was looking forward to spring.

As she started hobbling into the hills, she did not notice the commotion in the woods. If the nurse would have walked a bit further, she might have seen a very large bird with a girl sitting on top of it.

“Are we there yet?” Maun asked, daring to hope. The ride was beginning to be a nightmare. She kept on sliding off, and she had not one blink of sleep during the night. One knows how exhausted they are after being deprived of rest.


“Then…then…hurr-” Maun skidded completely off Eagle’s back and hurtled toward the forest floor. He swooped in, and caught her with his talons.

“OWWW!” she screamed, as they punctured her skin and created a deep wound. “Are you attempting to rip me to shreds?” Maun demanded.

“No, Great Eagle is sorry, but there is nothing he can do. It is the quick reflexes of yours almighty truly that rescued you.”

“Humph! Just keep your dirty talons to yourself.”

“What did you say about Awe-Inspiring Eagle’s talons?”

“I said,” Maun spoke deadly soft, “to keep your ugly, dirty talons to yourself.”

Eagle let out a fearsome screech, and raked mercilessly over her face. Buffeting her with his giant wings, she lost her grip, and this time he did not respond.

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