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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poem: Beautiful But Terrible

Nature’s pretty.
It’s full of flowers and birds and trees and animals in harmony.
It’s pretty but not substantial,
You say as you return to your world full of more beings of your kind and vermin.
Nature has received a special name ever since humans left the wild.
Humans, the creatures that now rule the planet.
Ground, in reality, has no lines or borders, or countries or names.
But on maps, they do, and are considered the Just Way.
Nature used to be everything, but people have somehow banished this reality. And because of this they do not understand what the Outside truly is.
Yes, nature is elegant.
But with each blooming blossom, something dies.
Something is eaten by mushrooms.
Even the flowers are not really beautiful, or caring,
Because they only produce such vibrancy to lure insects into pollinating them.
To make their species survive.
The soil is composed of humus, or dead matter.


Yes, nature is beautiful but terrible.
The gentle deer runs from a pack of wolves,
Fangs flashing at each turn
And breath reeking with carrion.
Their glaring eyes promise death.
And then the doe falls, falls, and its body
(Which lived but an hour ago)
Is devoured.
The thick skin is pulled back and the fat and meat diminished.
Its death pose is beautiful.
The deer decomposes.
Beautiful but terrible.

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