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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Wanderings {3::2}

The woman shifted her pearls around her neck, admiring herself in a mirror. It was obvious she spent her days in this grand room, trying out silk gowns and the finest jewelry. Her handsome window overlooked a bustling street, although it was silent now; it was also likely the woman spied on the neighbors while she treated herself to luxuries.

“Madam!” Another woman strode in, not half as wisely dressed, but decent enough. She was a nurse, and even while she loathed taking care of the girl, she did not care. She was in for the money.

“Madam! I can not seem to find her!”

“Now, now.” The rich one turned forward for the first time, revealing her face. It was plastered with makeup and overdone with earrings and piercings. “Now, now,” she repeated again in a foreign accent, “No need to fret so much. Storm into my dressing room, in the middle of the night! I shall not allow such wrong doing.”

“But madam,” she begged in a hushed whisper. “I called her down for dinner several times, and when I checked her bedroom, she was not there. I have wasted my entire evening looking for her!” Not that she cared about the girl. But if she somehow goes missing, she will not be a nurse any longer. No money for her.

“Please,” the woman called madam sighed dramatically, “I am sure she is hiding somewhere in the mansion. Do not EVER disturb me for such nonsense again!” With that, she slammed the door in the nurse’s face.

Maun stumbled through the woodland yet again. The plants themselves seemed to be conspiring against her. A completely innocent vine slithered down her throat and attempted to strangle her. She only managed to be released only because Crow felt like helping her.

“Just don’t do it again,” he muttered, but Maun could tell he was tense. They both were.

She must have walked for hours, because the forest showed no signs of willingness to be penetrated. They finally reached a small creek. Maun eagerly bent down to drink the water.

Crow let out a relieved sigh. “Here we are.” But when he looked around for something, his features ruffled, as though remembering an unpleasant memory.

His sudden piercing screech startled her. “Eagle! Eagle! Where are you?” Silence. Then a throaty call: “I am here, little raven. I am here, the Great Eagle.” A majestic bird flew with powerful speed, but he was three times larger than what his kin should have been. A definite sign of swollen pride.

 “I am not a raven!” Crow cawed indignantly.

Eagle shrugged. “What have you come to ask of me, little cousin? What request shall the Almighty Eagle grant you?"

“First of all, lay off all the ‘greatness’ Crow muttered to himself again. “Yes, yes, I guess I want you to get this human brat to the edge of this forest.” He stole a look at a very rigid Maun. “And see her safely returned, I guess.”

Eagle ruffled his chest proudly. “Is that all, little bird?”

"Yes, yes that’s all!” he snapped. “And I am not little!”

"As you say little raven. The Great Eagle has granted your wish.”

“Ahhhh!” Crow glanced at a Maun one last time. “I’ll finally be getting rid of you! As White-Tailed Deer said, I’m sure not leaving you in good hands,” he quoted smugly. Crow rose in a flurry of feathers and dead leaves.

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