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Monday, April 23, 2012

Poem: Great Stirring and Rhyming

Inspired By Emily Dickinson
If there are mistakes the computer was being evil.

A rose reddens in a bog.
And jostling spiders shimmer.
Here comes the emerald fog,
Electric eclipses glimmer.
Panting trees pass the green chill,
Giving seamless company.
There are solitary hills
That encase infinity.
Spangled orchids, dejected flutes,
Pine amulets, pungent green.
Chubby crocus, cradles mute,
Ethereal hems never seen.
Violet traffic, opal bales,
Tropic hint, the amber flag.
Red caravans, fairy sails,
Ribbons of topaz and rags.
Orchestras of summer boughs
Are fleshless chants, wordless tunes.
The zenith will unbraid now
From the phraseless notes of noon.
Pathetic pendulums chime
Startling the zealous butterfly.
Split pods of flame claim time,
Beating drums and insulted skies.
Ropes of sand: terse and militant.
Silence has stilled potent wood.
Snow and warrior have sent,
For dishonored daisies, his hood.
The velvet people's gown
(Independent as the sun)
Compute the formula of sound,
Yet elemental brown won.
The placid lily and crystal veil
Send sapphire fellows away.
Brother of universe eats his meal
And his pigeon nearby plays.
The route of cochineal
Has foreign fashion it seems.
Here an iris, here a bell,
Blooming with civic gleams.
Mind's tonic, Future's dispute,
Grass divided by a comb.
Print of vermilion foot.
Daffodil's sleeve races home.
A face rounder than the moon,
And dress ruddier than sod.
The timid cricket will sing now
Within dreaming pools and rods.
Pianos of the wood mangle me.
Prophetic pastures have grace.
The private breeze is that queen's knee
Engaging in heaven's race.
Deeper twilight, wider dawn,
Auroras, blazes of bronze.
Docile rows of a lawn
Shelter the exclusive fawns.
The lower meter of the year
Entertain centuries past;
And livid claws inflict fear
Beneath the lustrous ship mast.
Climb on Horizon’s piers!
Take a step onto Rainbow’s stairs!
There are furtive lilac lairs
Which unworthy flowers mar.
Leaves heard the Tale of Dew
And transcending ecstasy.
I am me and you are you
Sailing on a purple sea.

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