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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Wanderings {4::3}

A splitting, earthshaking rumble woke up the air. The night guard investigated the whole of the village, finding nothing suspicious. Again came the groan, and he snapped his eyes back to the noise. What was that? Thunder?

He gazed up at the sky, which was hosting a honey colored warmth. Morning was approaching, and his shift was over. For now, it was of no concern of his.

The night guard stalked away, not knowing of the horror he was leaving his daylight counterpart behind.

A loud rapping sounded at her door, and Maun screamed at it to stay silent. Will you not let me sleep? Just for a little while? The knocking persisted and the aggravated girl slapped her pillow to her ears. She finally decided to unlock it.

A wild man burst through, and yelled at her for something. Maun trembled with rage, and didn’t even bother to listen. No one will treat her like that… She screamed at him again, and their shouts combined into an outstanding ruckus.

“Where is the master of this house? Tell me!”

Maun glowered, then snapped, “How am I supposed to know? And in case you did not know, I am his daughter.”

The stranger fell silent, then started up again. “Well, then you should know where he is! I if you excuse me, I have greater matters to attend to than raging with children. Servants would give me better service!” She screeched one more time, then slammed the door on him gratefully.


The stewardess hosted a splendid meal. The master began to eat, but halted into a grimace as some ingredient of the feast was found to be missing. “What is the meaning of this unsatisfactory cookery? Question the kitchen immediately.”

“Master, the daily produce has not come to the kitchen. Do you not remember all of the gardeners have vanished?”

He paused at this, and was interrupted by a flailing messenger. “Master,” he heaved breathlessly, “the daylight guards are nowhere to be seen.”

“You deliver this in the middle of noon?” he roared.

“My forgiveness, but I sought for you earlier, yet without result. The mansion was near vacant.”

“My house servants are missing as well?” he exploded. “I will not tolerate all of this tardiness!”

The messenger rushed yet again, this time not from a furious girl, but a furious master.

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