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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Wanderings {5::2}

Maun whipped through the quiet streets, taking hardly any notice of the rubble around it. Crow did; he stared at it with disapproval. He took into account every dark corner, any place large enough for something to hide in.

“Are we there yet?” she asked, though the answer was obvious.


A little further, then “How about now?”

“No, I say, stop acting like a four-year-old. Must I put up with you again?”


Crow heaved, and flew into the night sky to see how far they had come. “A few more miles, I’d say.”


“Yes, miles! I forgot what a nuisance you were.”

Maun sighed.


Finally, finally she was at their journey’s end, hobbling on her broken limb as quickly as she could manage. The moor merged into trees, and here they were, in the forest again. Maun had simply followed Crow, attempting to get close enough to ask what they were to do, and she was lured in. In the woods once more, alone once more, helpless once more.

Maun realized this was but a dirty little trick. Crow had simply wanted to get rid of her, while at the same time baiting Titalukia back into the forest. And what a cruel trap this was.

She was never seen again.


It was a hot day in summer, the air thick with flies, and the tavern was full with merry laughter. An especially keen group surrounded an aged bird.

“Owl, tell us a tale.”

The request went around the huddle, pleading with him to do so. He ruffled his features in agreement, thinking what story to possibly tell this band of humans he met while gliding around the outskirts of the village.

“Well, it begins like this: Long ago, when the earth was still young, there lived a rich girl who was the daughter of the Emperor’s favorite advisor. Whatever she wanted, she received, and whatever her little greedy heart wished for, was made true.”

They held onto every word. “Do go on.”

He continued. “Now, this girl was named Maun, and grew quite spoiled. She had to have the prettiest gowns only money and class could buy, and strutted around in her swollen pride. Every small thing needed to be granted, or she would throw a right little tantrum. Maun was always bored, since no one wanted to play with her…”

A while after hearing this, one of them asks, “What happens to the girl?”

“Oh, no one really knows. Most likely she was eaten by the monster. Or less likely, she escaped, and lives every day of her life running from it.”

They thought about this, then broke into lively discussion again.


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