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Monday, April 2, 2012

Poem: Oath

If I could sing a rainbow,
I’d sing to you
Sing because only your voice
In this entire world is worthwhile right now
If I could laugh a sunrise
I’d laugh to you
Laugh because you make me joyful, and love living right now
If I could cry an ocean
I’d cry to you
Cry because you're the only one
Who understands and listens to my fears right now
And only you

You see this right above?
That's my oath to you.

You may be just a friend,
The best of friends,
But I love you,
For being there for me,
For supporting me all the while,
For loving me

Don't you understand
How unique,
Just you,
You are to me?

I'd do these things,
Just to show how much I care
About you

Why do you wear an awkward smile?
You don't understand how you can
Love a friend?

I can not show my affection enough.
Thank you
For caring for me.

I have been alive thirteen summers,
But I didn't start living,
Until I met you,
And warmed the cold earth
I was living on.

Thank you.

To readers: Thank the friends you have today

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