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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Way We Live

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone here. Writing a poem that is. I'm not so good at this kind of thing but I my as well share it with you anyway.

The Way We Live
I am just like you,
Minute at the beginning of time,
Cared for and loved,
Unable to talk, just a mime.
'Adventure outside,
Arms open, innocently waving.
You smile at me.
I am getting tall now, growing.
Innocent no more,
You have seen the ways of the world.
I stand up tall,
Powerful, taking up all the spotlight.
I see it all now;
We have been mean, cruel and ugly.
You cut me down,
My bark and leaves no more, Gone.


  1. It's amazing! You should write more, you have talent!

  2. It's very good. Write more poems, Mars!


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