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Friday, September 21, 2012

What I Am (A Memoir Poem)

I am the summer spent at the library,
Sunscreen beneath chilled sweaters
Where we drew until the lights blinked shut.
I am the autumn covered hills,
The walk where I shared my identity musings
Through a poem with Mother,
And it padded down with us on cat paws.
I am the raindrops on my car window (like tears),
Waterholes for the dinosaurs.
The black and gray mingled fatally.

I am the swing on the ceiling,
Blue like the wide wide sky,
Blue with my simple joy.
I am the store overflowing with shoes,
The floor tumbling with sneakers, heels, boots,
Where I hit an old lady (by accident, of course,
But does she care?)
I am the wedding night of the weeping moon.
Dark with the absence of sleep.
Bland like the strawberry and cream cake.

 I am the museum with the stairs
And automobile fried chicken, The hands with one band each.
I am the carbonated water with ice,
The turtles sleeping in the pond,
And the foreign farewell.
I am the cold night beneath covers,
The cat under the truck,
The secret revealed.

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