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Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Cure Writer's Block

Hi everyone!
It's Juliet again with my second post. You can check out my first post here (it's a bit from my novel in progress!) and read my blog here!

OK, so today I'm going to talk about a struggle that every writer goes through.

Writer's block. It's every author's nightmare, wouldn't you agree? It certainly is mine, and it happens to me all the time.

So what are some cures?

  1. Breaks. If you've been sitting at the computer or at your desk with a pencil in hand for longer than five minutes, and haven't written anything, take a break. Go eat some chocolate, watch America's Got Talent, do what you got to do to get your mind off of writing for a while. The times when I have a great idea are when I'm not constantly thinking about my work.
  2. Writing excercises. Look up some writing prompts on Google and get the writing juices a-flowing. Who knows, something you write in a prompt might be used in your work OR could give you an idea for a character, plot, etc.
  3. Written? Kitten and Write or Die. OK, so that sounds really threatening, but those are two great websites. The first one, Written? Kitten! (click on it above) Is where you set a word count and if you achieve that word count you get an adorable picture of kittens! Who wouldn't want that? Write or Die (click on it above) is what I use during Nanowrimo season when I absolutely HAVE to get 1500 words a day. You can set the level of consequences and strictness. If you stop writing in Gentle mode, a box will pop up to remind you to continue writing. Normal mode; a really annoying sound is played. Kamikaze mode? your words will start being deleted one by one so you have to keep writing or else! It's a great tool so you don't stop. Even if you keep writing crap, you can always edit it and more than likely, you'll get a great idea!
  4. Music. And no, I don't mean listen to a song and plagiarize all their lyrics. That's not what I mean at all. A great tip that I've learned on many writing websites is to listen to a song and try to create a character that you think of when listening to that song, or write a short story based on the song. This, once again, will be sure to get the writing juices in your brain flowing.
Thanks for reading, what tips do you have to cure writer's block?


  1. Thanks for clearing up for me what nanowriter is, and for including these tips and websites! I'm going to include posts for writing tips as well in the future.

  2. If you have writer's block try using the dare machine found over here. They're pretty silly but it might work to help kick out Writer's Block from your brain.

  3. These tips are awesome! I definitely need tips like these to get my "writing mood" on. Thank you so much for writing on how to write! xD

  4. thanks guys! :)


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