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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Song of My Heart

I am in dire need of some muse for this unfinished story of mine! >.< Any ideas?

Mistress Farrah.” A middle-aged servant bowed respectfully at the figure in front of her. “Your mother wishes to see you.”

The maiden straightened, and looked up from her books. “Very well, Leah. Thank you.” A gentle rustling of silk was heard as Farrah got up and gracefully swished out of the room, her steps quick and sure.

The poor thing,” Leah murmured as soon as the girl disappeared down the hallway, “does she not know that taking care of her outer beauty is more important than filling the mind with useless information? How will she ever get married?” The servant clucked her tongue in sympathy before turning back to her work.

On the way to her mother's room, however, Farrah was not thinking of her future as a mistress, but of what her mother's present condition was. She knew her mother had not been very strong lately, so she had taken over her mother's usual duties of running the household.

It wasn't an easy task, far more difficult than she had ever imagine. Before, she had thought of her mother's work as simple, but know, she knew she had been wrong. There were the numerous flocks to be checked, the shopping for each meal, and sometimes, there were the sick servants to be taken care of.

Farrah absently touched the delicate gold chain that hung loosely about her neck. She had never liked wearing many fancy decorations, for she found them bothersome. Though she wears more jewelry at the big parties and celebrations, she prefers just a simple necklace or bracelet when she's at home. Again her mind turned towards her mother.

Why does my mother want me? Is she sick or something? Does she have something she needs to tell me? Something important? The maiden nervously fingered the folds of her silk garment. She knew she was getting to be of age, and her father had already started looking for a good match for her. 
But I'm not ready yet! I still have so much to learn, and once I am married, I won't have the same kind of freedom as I now have. A determined look gleamed in her eyes as Farrah softly knocked on her mother's door.

NOTE: This is under copyright by me. So please do NOT steal!

1 comment:

  1. Her mother could tell her that she already has a man in mind for her. Or, she could find out that she must fulfill the family destiny. Or, she could be told that she MUST ABSOLUTELY MARRY, no excuses, to a noble.

    It's very good. Keep on writing!


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