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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dabbling with Art

I know some people are incredibly talented at art, while others will swear it's their weakest point. It shouldn't matter whether you are or aren't good at it, It's if you like and enjoy it.
I love drawing, painting, creating or just doodling in my maths copy!
Here's my latest doodle (although it's not from my maths copy just a scrap of paper) and painting:

So what do you think?
Advice and criticism gladly appreciated


  1. The dog is great, and the bird painting reminds me of a Japanese one becuase the colors are delicate. Keep on making art! I'll post some of mine once I download my camera.

  2. Thanks! Look forward to seeing yours!
    Marian :D x


Criticism is appreciated. Rudeness is not.

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