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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thin girls don't cry

So this is my first post for Blog for Joy and to start it all, I thought I'd try and provoke some debate. As my bio explains, like many girls, I love fashion and clothes and these days most women are au fait with the latest trends.

For me, a trip to a clothes shop is a great experience, I'm around a U.K size 10/12 and am mostly happy with my shape, but I do feel that fashion, especially top designers, are wary of using women of my size and above for adverts and clothing campaigns. When you walk around a high street store, its unlikely you'll see any size 16 models on the images displayed, although in the U.K a size 16 is now the average size for women.

As time has passed, we've all got bigger, due to diet, lifestyle and the environment around us, and I don't see this as a problem. In an article I read recently it said that women's waists have got bigger over time, and that the trim waists that were seen during the 50's are no more.

Well, to me its simple, women haven't been brought up on a diet based on rationing, I'm lucky enough to live in a world where food is more freely available and where war doesn't affect my daily life. I'm able to have a healthy diet, eat what I like and live how I want to.

To me, fashion is universal and it doesn't matter what size you are, you can still look fabulous in an outfit. I object to the continued use of thin women on billboards and shop fronts to promote new ranges. To me, these women are beautiful, but larger women, shorter women and uniquely styled women are just as fabulous. Give us some variation fashion world!

In short, this is NOT a post which objects to the use of thin models on the catwalk - everyone is unique and some women have willowy figures - this is a post which asks why there can't be some diversity? Personally, I'd like to attend a fashion show where you could see different sized models wear clothes - it would allow the audience to actually understand how an item may look on them.

So whether you're an apple, pear or an hourglass gal, be proud of your body (it's the only one you've got) and remember, regardless of the billboards, or ad campaigns, the clothes aren't just meant for the models.

Heidi xxx


  1. Lovely post, Heidi! I consider myself normal-sized, since most girls are thinner, and others are bigger. Thank you for not making this a controversial post, but instead a post where girls can be proud of their body.

  2. I read about a young woman who was a model, and she was tired of starving herself to be thin. She saw a television show about cooking, with a beautiful-though-plump lady as the host. The model became so upset (by what she was doing to her body to make herself a body type she wasn't) that she went off her diet and became a plus-size model. It's one of my favorite stories of feminism.

  3. Wow girls, fantastic response :) So glad you agree with me :)


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