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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hi, Everyone, I'm Charli

Hi, everyone, my name's Charli and I'm the newest edition to Blog For Joy. 

When I was looking through the post archives on the dashboard, to see what everyone posts about, I noticed that Erin had done an inductory post on herself first. So, I thought I would do that.

I blog over at Life Through Rose-Tinted SunGlasses, or RTSG as I call it for short. Find it here.

Here are a few facts about me.

  • My hobbies include: photography, reading, writing, board and card games, history, politics, some singing, listening to music, and, of course, blogging.
  • My favourite bands/singers are The Script, Florence+The Machine and Coldplay.
  • I have too many favourite authors to list, but my current favourite is Sophie McKenzie. 
That's just a few facts about me, but you can find out some more about me on the About The Contributors page when Jadefireeyes puts it on.

I will probably blog about Books the most and some Whimsical Tidbits. Just don't except any poetry from me, I'm rubbish at that.

Thanks for reading, hope to blog soon!
Charli x

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