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Friday, May 4, 2012

Violet Finn Files {2::3}

After a quick departure, Horneus and I were heading down
Main Street
, which of course, was one of the busiest streets in town. I have to say, people in my town were really rude (I already knew that, this was just further proof), as they made no gesture to hide their gawking face. A man stopped cleaning the windows inside his shop just to see our little spectacle. All I can say is: they better get used on it, because now that we’ve obtained the permit, I no longer have to hide Horneus.

We walked on for two more blocks until we came to the other local pawn shop (just don’t ask me why they’re so close to each other): ‘Seaworthy Treasures’.

This one was older and I already knew the owner, a sailor nicknamed Salty Sam He had short whiskery sideburns connected to greasy jet-black medium-length hair. His skin was tanned from his years at sea; twenty-three, in fact. He had to give up his dream when his bullet wound slowed him down. Not a lot of people know just how much it hurts, and a lot of veterans even say it doesn’t, but he complains a lot. Although I think it is strange why he didn’t have it removed. He says it’s permanently in lodged in his lower right leg.

I entered and the macaw next to the door squawked. Well, technically Callie is an inbreed of a macaw and a cockatoo, sporting a white body and head, yellow Mohawk, and red wings with orange feet. She helped attract customers with her colors and sea songs.

As soon as I entered the store, Callie ruffled her feathers and burst into song:

            “ ‘Would you like to drink some flasks of wine?’
            Ah, but the sea, my yearning divine.
            Singing waves, may its melody shine!
            This passion burning not for your wine.’
            " 'Would you like to sip some cups of tea?'
             Ah, but the foaming, majestic sea.
             Rolling surf, may it be splendidly!
             This passion burning not for your tea.’
                       The sailor's woe
                       Lost is the one he loves...
                       Sighing winds and blowing sails,
                       Working men and dampen rails..."
Right away I noticed Salty Sam chatting with a young teenage girl at the counter. On it was a little statue of a lighthouse with an anchor painted on it. I noticed that she did most of the talking as I stood for, I don’t know, maybe six minutes? I was starting to get impatient.

“So that’s how my grandpa lost his leg to a shark,” she concluded with a deep breath.

“Fascinating,” commented Salty Sam. He finally saw me and asked if I needed any thing. I asked him about the spy kit and he said he just got one. As he was ringing me up, the girl tried to make conversation.

“Hi, my name is Jenny and I’m new here. This is my Uncle Sam. Well, not really my uncle, more like a friend of my dad’s – ”

“Yeah, whatever,” I cut her off. I am not a people person. But she hardly noticed.

“So, do you live nearby? What school do you go to? How old are you? You look about my age, and I’m fourteen. Why is there a rhino outside?” She didn’t even give me a chance to answer.

Wait, rhino!?

I checked, and sure enough, there was Horneus right outside the window. Not in the alleyway next to the store, and he seemed to contemplate how to open the door without breaking it (I haven’t gotten to that part of training yet).

I rushed out the door, nearly smacking it into Horneus’s horn followed by Jenny, who did manage to smack it into his horn. By some miracle, the door wasn’t damaged, although it was faintly scratched. Oops! I hope Sam didn’t notice the cracks.

“Whoa! Way cute! Awesome! Are we going to corral it or something? Wait a sec, isn’t that a saddle on its back?” Suddenly her eyes widened in understanding.

“Oh…my…gosh….” She said slowly as I tried to gently insert Horneus’s bulky frame into the alleyway again. “This…Its….He’s yours, isn’t he?” Her eyes looked like 100-watt bulbs they were so bright.

“Yes, now will you go away? Horneus doesn’t like strangers,” I said as he finally settled in the alleyway entrance, “I’ll be back in a minute, boy, don’t go anywhere.” I patted his muzzle fondly. I dashed back inside for the spy kit. When I came back outside the store front, Jenny was sitting on top of Horneus. He eyed her carefully, as wary as any animal in the wild.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE  DOING? GET DOWN FROM THERE!” I shouted/ordered. But she didn’t seem to notice.

“Can we go for a ride? Please? I live over that way!” she pointed her finger in a random direction; or at least, random to me.

I decided the sooner I get this chic off my back, the sooner I can avoid her.

“…Alright, show me where you live. But I’m driving!”

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