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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Godly Wars {1::1}

I stared chillingly into the hostile eyes of my enemy. “You cannot have a duel unless the authority challenges you,” she breathed.

“I am the authority,” I declared, and clashed my sword against hers.

“No. I am the authority. I am a god, you are a mere human.”

I heaved for breath, and then answered, “I am a god too. And I am superior over you.”

She swung her weapon away from mine, and pointed it at my face. “Lies. You are a human, and because of your foolishness, you are no longer eligible to cease being one.” She jabbed her hilt with threat, her eyes cold and full of power. “I can chain you to the very core of this earth. I can turn you to a creature that only breathes pure shadows, which shall terrorize all. And I will be your slayer.”

I brandished my blade next to hers, taking life from the steel clang. I paused, then answered, “Yet when you kill me, I shall be born again, sprung from your ashes. I will reincarnate to be your worst rival, and will seep into your mind, and steal the secret that hitters you to this life. I will use it to destroy you.”

She faced me, burning with anger and rage. “I will knock you to the ground with my chariot. I will commend you to walk forever on this world. Your soul will wither in agony; your blood will dry to ashes.”

“I may crawl after you, but when you slaughter me, when you believe your greatest enemy has fallen, I’ll rise again,” I spoke, my words full of competent. “Your greatest flaw will in the end, destroy you. And I, who was biding her time to strike when you were the weakest, will dissemble your thrown beneath you. Then I shall rule.”

She turned slowly to look at me, her gaze echoing the smallest fragments of her full power, vibrating around me. Yet I did not hesitate and struck a blow with my blade. “Fight me,” I said with longing. “Fight me, and truly show me you are a god.”

She deflected my lunge with one clear movement, my sword clattering to the ebony floor. I stared with a look of sheer horror.

“I have answered your challenge, and you lost the duel. You cannot fight a god.” My rival circled around me, picking up my sword. “You squandered your symbol of power. Do you deny this?”


She threw me my blade, as though it was not worthy of her touch. I gazed enviously at her fearsome weapon, gleaming in the black night. “We shall meet again.”


“Do you promise to withhold your leadership free of darkness?”  

I hesitated. This was the last part of the oath to make me a god. Yet I was freer as a human.

I looked at the ice–fringed sky, revealing billions of glittering stars. My ancestors. Should I die like them? No. Then I would take the code to be immortal, to rule every meaningless thing in this vast galaxy. I would make them proud.

“I do.”

A high-voltage shock seared through my body, every inch of flesh. And indescribable pain raged through my mind, an endless fire, leaving ice wherever it touched.

“Behold. The next ruler of the universe.” My enemy stepped back, gazing at me as if attempting to understand if she made the correct decision. To break her word and make me immortal, and rule as a joint leader with me.

I was not longer human. I was all-powerful. I was a god.

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