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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poem: Lust

I wanted a dress the color of the blue twilight outside.
I wanted shoes that were as polished and shiny as pearls.
I wanted a knitted shawl as black as the night.
I wanted a purse as ruffled and vibrant as a rose.
I wanted a tent to shield against the sun and rain and as colorful as a rainbow.
I wanted lipstick as bold as an azalea.
I wanted makeup as fine and delicate as dew on a spider’s web.
I wanted hair as elaborate as a bird’s nest.
I wanted presents as amazing as a butterfly’s wing.
I wanted guests as regal as eagles and as kind as doves.
I wanted food as exotic as foreign capitals.
I wanted my party to be all of this,
But instead I got a shabby celebration,
A humid thunder storm,
A ruined dress and many tears.

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