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Friday, May 4, 2012

Violet Finn Files {2:1}

NOTE: I didn’t really see Bigfoot; I was jut messing with you. If I did, I would be freaking out right now because he would be a legendary hero, you know, if he existed.

So anyway, I didn’t see a single clue, a piece of paper or a key, nothing. So we went home to ponder what we heard. The next day was Sunday, so I did all my chores.

While I was hanging up the laundry with my mom though, I found out something strange.

“Hey mom, did you know there was a library on the edge of town? Now there’s going to be a factory of some sort.” I said.

“Really sweetie? I had no idea.” She replied.  What surprised me was that my mom knew every inch of this town, or so she claimed. In truth, she had never been inside my brother’s room, and she very rarely went in mine.

Afterwards, I talked to Horneus about breaking into the factory. His opinion matters a lot to me, thank you very much.

“So Horneus, remember that one Christmas from a couple years back? I got a spy set from my parents. It’s mostly for little kids, but I bet in could come in handy for tonight; or maybe an upgrade.”  Horneus raised his ears at the mention of ‘spy set’. He grunted in response. I took it as agreement.

“I was thinking if you were up to it, to check out the local pawn shops (at this he nodded) and see if they have it. Come on, let’s go!”

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