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Friday, May 4, 2012

Poem: The Parking Lot

I lug my schoolbag across the parking lot,
Where giant oak trees tower over the quiet cars and give off dappling shadows
And the grass has grown waist-high and wild
And barbed plants poke through the soil
And there’s that nice green smell of things growing
And little seedlings have pushed themselves through the old gray bricks
And pigeons fly overhead like dark shadows
And a blackbird bathes himself in a rain-water filled rut in the street
And little brown songbirds give off bright happy chirps
And I noticed a silver, long-tailed species in some bushes that are rare in these parts, but sing beautifully
And pines and trees swirl in the air.
Then I realize I will miss walking home from school,
Ever since I decided to go to a different high school in the urban city.

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