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Friday, March 30, 2012

Poem: A Wednesday Night

I am a part of chorus,
And we had to stay afterschool for a concert,
We huddled together,
Tight around one table,
Singing pop songs we adored
With a dash of Adele.
We were supposed to be practicing our vocal cords,
But what did we care?
We took out the dry erase markers
And sketched Japanese anime creations
On the pristine white boards
Designed to hold algebra
During the normal school day.
We took photos of each other with our cellphones
(Just don’t tell)
Everyone dressed in uniform black pants or skirts,
And white blouses, and dark shoes.

A potted green plant sat on
The teacher’s desk
Where it had thrown out
Spidery offshoots
To tremble over the ebony drawers.
I glanced around.
Since no one was interested enough to be up to the job,
I took the desert pink pitcher
And watered it.

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