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Friday, March 30, 2012

Poem: As Long as We Still Live

Perhaps this a little too depressing…  Jadefireeyes

Beneath a faithful blue sky
Nothing can touch us,
Even though our rein subsides with a whisper
And the Wind bids us farewell forever
As silently as it greeted us.
Across the Earth,
The World is empty.
We had believed it would rain,
For dismal mist was carried
On slender ropes of leering spirit.
We thought it would wash the misery away,
The still-surviving swamps and fens
And the sickened scars of sea
Ever-flooded to the edges of oblivion
With pestilence,
Sweeping the surface of the taint of Humanity.
The Vapors lied.
We punished the Skies.
The Wind is drowning in its own agony,
Weeping for forgiveness
Moaning for a pardon for a crime
It only partially understood.
It is uttering wretched misery.


The calm night finally surrenders itself to the Rain,
And the fragile night is tangling,
Fueling the inferno’s unwavering radiance,
Making more painful the ultimate anguish of the chilling aureole.
This world
Is insane.
Within its borders
I am dying.
I long for better times,
For a second chance
For a world
Where we still discover
That everyone is but a puppet,
Pulled by invisible strings,
Controlled by something not of this evolving atmosphere.
The foolish marionettes who
Wander in an agonizing limbo
Running from a dreamland of nightmares
Only to find
The waking day hardly worth enduring for.
I want to find a place
Where I’m not like them.

Sure, this crazy world
Is killing me
As the ribbon strings wave
Of the people of Earth.
The World turns
As I fall.
The droplets of Cloud-Blood
Seep into the muddy ground
Leaching into the vile rivers
Making their way to the poisoned plains
Feeding the vacant husks of the deceased forest
Standing in silence,
Harboring a faltering legacy.
It stirs up decaying organisms to the surface,
And the reek of the decomposing rises upwards,
The drafts of stench overriding the
Clamors of sinister beasts
That come stalking into the heart of darkness,
Protected by Destiny
But only to find out that no one
Cares about that anymore.
Buried relics of the ancient past make themselves known,
As the horrors of the barren landscape crawl
Out of the filth of ignorance.
Life will go on
As Humanity is laid to rest in its
Corroding tomb,
Concealed by the rotting facade
Of a united house that cannot stand.
Nothing can touch us now,
Not even ourselves,
As our memories depart
With my last breath.
Nothing but
The delicious fragility of this travesty
Spurs me onward
In this dead, dead Earth
In this unloving World.

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