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Friday, March 30, 2012

Poem: Art of the Children

I like this part of the hallway.
Here is the 6th and 7th grade art room
And on the outside wall
Near the door
Are little artwork designs drawn from
Those black thin-tipped sharpie markers.
One of them
Reminds me
Of the soft flowing tresses of a willow.
Another has the thick oily swirls
That resemble
Those in Van Go’s paintings.
A third has sharp etchings
Like rain.
Next door is the high-school classroom
Where they hang up still-lifes.
Last marking period it was
Glasses and bottles
With well-done highlights.
This time
It’s staplers and chess pieces,
Preferably knights.
Some of them are drawn with precision
And shaded
But some are the
Contours with warped grids inside
That I hate.

Now there are
More walls down the hallway
With student art.
This bulletin is light-bulb themed.
Here’s a creative timeline
Depicting a sketched bulb
Then cracking
Until there are only pieces of glass.
Another has a rainbow
Design clasped inside.
A third is my favorite:
Five sunshine yellow bulbs
Saying “Light the World”
Held by a grayish human hand.

Even farther,
In the recesses of the school hall
Are paper projects,
Somewhat messy and not that good landscape paintings,
Sketches of jars
Containing pebbles,
Collages of colorful

But never
Have they chosen my art to display.

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