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Friday, March 23, 2012

Poem: Arabian Seas

I’ve seen seas
Of tepid orange
Swirling with small white blossoms.
I’ve seen oceans
Of freezing black
Chattering with luminous pieces of ice.
But none
Will compare
To my dear Arabian seas.

The gold city is lost amongst the teal
Of the night water.
A lone shark swims in winter,
Where the day illuminates the barren hills of the background
But does not show the heat of day or the grit of sand.
Long, waving arms of soft corals
Mingle with pomegranate fronds of feather stars
And speckled-gray moray eels leer
Out of crevices swaying with reds and greens.
Butterflyfish flit past briefly in tangerine flashes,
And exuberant exotic fishes show off their vibrant tails.
Coral gardens bloom in the cold season
And seaweed forests flourish in summer.
The striped sea snake glides through the indigo ripples,
And the determined turtle pads through the crushing waves
With barnacles on her shell
To rest on her birth ground
And lay the next generation.
Here are bountiful mangroves
And the ocean foams and is beautiful,
Contrasting with the vibrant reefs flooded with aqua.

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