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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poem: The Essence of Dreams

Gauzy apparitions sweep their fabulous feathers
In the winter-spiked air.
They run under the moon through the snow-dappled trees.
These are the agitated nightmares that
Materialize in my sleep.
My dreams: glacier blue lakes,
Creatures that fly,
Beneath the sky and sway from the weight of air.
They are dizzy with thought,
Their wings as slender as the rays of dawn.
When they soar they can finally believe that
Fear thrives in shadows,
And hope is an empty promise.
When you add and subtract what’s left of you,
You can’t see yesterday.
I am afraid to take a risk.
You expect to find yourself in someone else,
But this transformation ends and begins with you.
My dreams still dance:
A figure that chases rainbows in a box of prismatic light.
The azure depth of night.
A hot candle magnified beneath the glare of wind.
Iced April with a frosty exhale.
The sun chasing shadows.
The rattle of glass.
Dust swept up by gravity to fly
By the world.
Here dreams connect fantasy to reality.
My hair is curled by the sweat of human fear.
Foggy entrances chinked by memories.

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