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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Girl That No One Heard

You saw her
you knew her
she tried so hard
gave it her best, but it wasn't good enough,
not good enough for Them.
You were curious about her, but not enough,
not enough to be her friend.
Or maybe you were
maybe you were her friend.
But either way, she seemed below you.
A nobody.
A Jane Doe.
Average.  She'd never be in the spotlight.
That's what everyone thought
about the girl that no one heard.

She tried out for everything.
Every after school club on the list.
Everything was a new chance for her
a chance to be heard.
A voice
a somebody
a role model.
But no matter how hard she tried, she wasn't amazing.
She wasn't pretty enough
wasn't smart enough
wasn't strong enough
wasn't patient enough.
She had no talent.
She was the girl that no one heard.

She tried out for the Student Council.
The popular girl was elected.
She tried out for the swim team.
The athletic girl had a better backstroke than her.
She tried out for the Future City team.
The 4.0 girl took the last slot.
And then she realized
that she hated being the girl that no one heard.

Her friends told her that her time would come
but she didn't think so.
She wanted the spotlight.
She wanted to walk the red carpet with the stars.
But she was nobody.
No, worse than that.
She was the girl that no one heard.

Finally, she had had enough.
Enough of trying to be someone
enough of trying to impress people
who had their hopes pinned on her peers.
But there was one way.
One way to finally get the attention she wanted.
One way to get her name in the books.
She would no longer be the girl that no one heard.

Her hands were cold that night
and her brow sweaty
but she knew
that what she was doing was what she wanted.
She held the gun to her head
and pulled the trigger.
And the last thing she remembered
was the satisfaction of knowing
that the girl that no one heard
was gone.

DO YOU KNOW THIS GIRL?  If the answer is yes, then be a friend and help her to find her talents!   Get her involved in something that she enjoys.  Give her a reason to enjoy life, and be a somebody!  Not everybody is famous, but nobody should have to be the girl that no one heard.
DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THIS GIRL?  Stop right now and think of things people have said you're good at.  If you can't think of any, ask a friend or family.  You are not worthless!  You may have a hidden talent that you have not yet discovered!  Don't be the girl that no one heard!  If you want do be heard, blogging is a great way to start.  Ask us about joining a blog or starting your own!  We'd be happy to help!
HAVE YOU EVERY THOUGHT OF COMMITTING SUICIDE?  Let people help you!  Whatever is bothering you, don't let it take your life!  Talk to your parents, your friends, your school counselor, your teachers -- they can help you.  Everybody has their ups and downs.  And trust me, even the worst downs aren't worth killing yourself over.

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