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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Girl That No One Saw

There she is again
in the corner
leaning against the wall.
What is that in her hand?
A book?
A paper?
We will never know
because we are watching
the girl that no one sees.

Maybe she liked candy.
Maybe she had a favorite
Maybe it was one of your favorites too.
Maybe you thought of saying hello
on the day she appeared
plopped into class in the middle of the year
but you didn't.
After that day, she melted away
becoming nothing more than a piece of furniture
or a wall
or a desk.
If you tried to think of everyone in your class
would you remember her name?
What letter did it start with?
No one knows.
The girl that no one sees has no name.

She had a life, you know.
A family.
Maybe a pet.
Perhaps she was an algebra whiz.
Perhaps she was nice.
Maybe she was friendly.
Maybe she looked at you.
Yes, she looked at us all
but no one looked at her.
Because she was the girl
that no one saw.

Do you remember the day?
Her desk was empty.
You had heard something,
a rumor
some story about someone
and something
and somehow.
What would you think if you knew?
What if you knew that on that day
her mother was crying.
What would you have done
if you had noticed her notes
leading up to the day.
Everyone hates me.
I have no friends.
I'm stupid.
I'm ugly.
I am the girl that no one sees.

She was too young to die.
But no one knew
or cared 
or did anything.
No one saw the notes
the knife
the blood.
Because she was the girl
that no one saw.

Do you sometimes think you remembered
a change that day?
Did the universe seem different?
Did you know why?
No, you didn't.
What about now?
What if you were her?
Would you act any different if you were the girl
that no one saw?

DO YOU KNOW THIS GIRL?  If so, please, don't let her be friendless.  The sad truth is, there are many girls that no one sees.  But we can change that!  Don't let an innocent life be wasted.
DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THIS GIRL?  If you have ever felt like the girl that no one sees, don't stay that way!  Be seen!  There are plenty of potential friends at school and everywhere else.  You just have to get to know them!  And if you don't feel like doing that, we'll always be here too!  If you every feel like the need to just talk, I'm all ears!  My email address is located on my profile page.
HAVE YOU EVERY THOUGHT OF COMMITTING SUICIDE?  Let people help you!  Whatever is bothering you, don't let it take your life!  Talk to your parents, your friends, your school counselor, your teachers -- they can help you.  Everybody has their ups and downs.  And trust me, even the worst downs aren't worth killing yourself over.

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