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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let's talk about something happy!

Sorry about all the depressing suicide poems!  Let's talk about something happy for a while.
What makes me happy?  Hmm . . . ah!  Let's go!


"Ah, it's so hot!"
Three inseparable friends, Sara, Maddie, and Annabell, were standing on a deck swarming with people at the potluck.  The sun burned down on them, searing their skin.  Maddie sipped her lemonade.  It was the fourth of July, and she was on her guard.  Maddie had a past history of getting injured on Independence Day.  When she was seven, she had been struck with torticollis, a form of temporary paralyzation caused by her unusual sleeping positions.  Another year, she had stepped on a smoldering sparkler, and received second degree burns.  But this year -- this year she was playing it safe.
"Let's sit down somewhere," Annabell suggested, wiping her sweaty brow.
Maddie and Sara nodded in agreement.
They made their way off the deck and over to the swing hanging from the trees.  It was crawling with toddlers.  "This one's taken," Sara groaned.  "Is there another around here?"
Maddie scanned the area.  A short bench near the pond with peeling white paint caught her eye.  "That one, over there by the pond."
Sara and Annabell followed her over to the edge of the pond.  At a closer distance, the bench looked even more fragile then before.  I'm sure it'll be fine, Maddie thought to herself.  She took a seat.
CREAK.  The bench groaned, but held.  Maddie patted the spot beside her.  Sara carefully took a seat.
CREAK!  The bench swayed, but didn't give up.  "I'm not so sure about this," Annabell said.  Then, she sat.
Nothing happened.
All three girls sighed in relief.  "I thought it was going to break," Sara grinned.
"I can just imagine it," Annabell said.  "Snap, crack-"
Immediately, there was a loud snap, and the girls were splayed across the ground.  Maddie felt her wrist scrape against a sharp rock.  When she looked at it, long red lines were streaked across her arm.
The girls looked at each other for a moment.  Then they burst out laughing.
"Mrs. Sundry!" Maddie called to the owner of the house, still laughing.  "I think you're going to need a new bench!"

I am Maddie in this story.  Really.  I have the curved line on my arm to prove it.  My friend, the one in the story named Sara, has a picture of the bench that I will post later.  Well, what's left of the bench, that is.  :D
I'm also not kidding about the things happening to me on fourth of July.  I'm starting to think it's cursed.

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