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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blurb for My Book!

This is the blurb to my upcoming book, "The City of Keys." Tell me what you think!

Charlie Kimmus awakes in a completely different world – a place where there are sea monsters in the East River, machine birds in the sky, and leopards that prowl the subway systems of New York. The five boroughs, now called kingdoms, coexist in chaos. Manhattan wants to create an empire and has already conquered the Bronx.

That same night he is found by a band of mysterious children. They are the only ones left that oppose the City since they cannot be hypnotized. Because he is still fourteen, he is eligible to join them, and is accepted as Vizier of the Child Army after demonstrating his skill in combat. From the lowest position he slowly rises and is eventually appointed commander of his League. But being powerful is dangerous – even though the teenagers all have sworn loyalty to one another, they sometimes kill in order to rise in rank.

Suddenly, Charlie is swept on an exhilarating quest to recover the Keys, the only magical instruments that are able to stop the siege of New York. His successes with finding them are matched only by Twelve, a fifteen-year old girl he just met and is the only person he trusts.

But one day Charlie’s battalion is summoned into the City to fight. And no one has ever left it alive.

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