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Friday, March 22, 2013

An Introduction to Jessica

So I've been part of this blog for a while now, and I still haven't posted.... So here I am!  This is my profile I gave Jadefireyes:

Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a reader, a writer, an artist, and am anime obsessed. I tend to write a lot when I read a lot, and draw tons when I’m watching anime :P . My creativity comes in spurts, so bear with me ;) . I’m sixteen, with a tendency to use far too many emoticons while writing, so you’ll have to deal with that too! I reside in Canada, where we live in igloos, and ride the mighty polar bear to school. My dreams of the future are currently on standby at the airport on a flight from Berlin, so you probably won’t be seeing those anytime soon. My interests include: snakes, rats, biology, insane characters, anime, popcorn, that one lead pencil that has 0.3 lead, and a host of other delightful things. My current best friend is, which I use to search up fantastical idioms to stop my slightly OCD brain from exploding at the sight of two identical words in the same sentence. If you want to look up my marvelous blog, please feel free to do so, as the link is You can contact me anytime at if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or strange urges to chat with a random stranger! Thank you for reading, have a swell day :)

Did I spark you interest?  Well perhaps not, but here are some  things that I get up to:

Most EPIC EARRING EVER! made these together with my sister :D

 Art project!  Took me aaaages, but worth it.  It was originally supposed to be a costellation (as per the instructions given by my teacher) but err... I think I strayed from that course. gave me 100% anyway though :P

Screenshot of my team!  
(notice how they're all the same level; careful planning, that took)

I got a new ratter!  Any name ideas?  Preferably something badass, so she can be on par with  my other one, Cthulhu :P

Some things I was reading recently.  I've gotten through the John Green collection (other than an Abundance of Katherines) and I'm none too impressed;  Some of it was quite good, but not to the standard I was led to believe.
Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, now THAT was a great book!  Short read though.  I also read The Miseducation of Cameron Post (amazing book) and am now starting A Scanner Darkly.

There we have it, a short introduction to Jessica.  I'm hoping there are a few other anime fans out there, so we can go on about them TOGETHER.  (I can provide a full list of all I've watched if necessary)  If you haven't seen any anime, or just want some ideas of what to watch, I'm happy to provide suggestions!


  1. Welcome, Jessica! Thanks for your first post! (Don't worry, I forgive you.)

  2. By the way, your artwork is amazing!


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