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Friday, February 1, 2013

Meme-Current Book

I've been seeing this meme everywhere where you flip to a random page of the book you are currently reading, pick two lines that don't spoil the story for anyone (but they're supposed to entice everyone to want to read that book). I'm going to do that, only not with my current book, because to be honest, it's not very good. And I've already read it quite a lot of times, and it's just not worth sharing.

So, I'm going to pick two lines from my favorite book in the entire world. It's a trilogy by Lauren Oliver called Delirium. I know I've talked about it on this blog a few times. Or more.

I read the first book in eighth grade, the second book in the trilogy, Pandemonium, came out last February, and the final book in the trilogy, something I've been waiting for for two years, comes out in a month. I'm going to pee my pants when I get my hands on a copy, I am SO EXCITED.

Except it's also one of those things where I don't want it to happen, because I know I'm going to finish the final book in a day. And then, those years of waiting will be over, I'll have finished the series, I'll cry (it's not the happiest story...), and then, I'll have to find another book to be obsessed with.

But, I do want every person in the entire world to read it, so I'm going to share a couple sentences from a random page of the SECOND book, Pandemonium. I would share from the first book, but I don't own a copy. But I'm going to get it from the library so I can rerererereread it, and then rerereread Pandemonium, so my mind is fresh as to what happened LAST YEAR.

Moving on, I am sharing two sentences from Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, page 187.
"I take the shirt and rip off a long strip of fabric, trying to will away the memories that are pressing and resurging: I learned this from Alex. At one point, in another lifetime, he saved me when I was hurt."

In case you haven't read any of my previous posts of what Delirium is about, to sum it up simply, it takes place in the future, and everyone believes that love is a disease. You are cured, and selected a person to marry. I can't even describe how amazing this book is, (I will say it's more for girls than guys...) and I can't say it enough:



Thank you kindly.
Oh, and don't be one of those CRAZIES that read series out of order. Some series don't matter, but this one absolutely DOES. Delirium is the first book, Pandemonium is the second, then the third I don't know because it comes out next month. Although, if I looked on Google I could probably find it in a second, but I'm way too lazy for that business.

I got Lauren Oliver to email me back twice. The first email was basically my "I'm your number one fan!" rant. The second one was clarifying whether or not Delirium would be made into a movie. The answer's yes. Just one more reason for you to read the book, because DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE READING THE BOOK. I WILL HURT YOU.

If you've read it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me I am begging you. I really want to know your thoughts. Also, I need someone to discuss it with.

Go to Amazon or your local library or Ebay or any online store or Borders or Barnes and Noble or another book store.
Buy the book.
Read it.
Enjoy it.
Love it.
Thank me for introducing you to it.

That is all.

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