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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I wrote a poem...

So I'm not sure whether its that great a poem, but I quite like it so yeah. I thought it was a nice way of putting it, really. Its just my personal feelings talking here so if you don't like it, please just leave it be - it took ages to make it rhyme!

The way I like to look at her
Feels different to a friend
The way my tummy flips
Confuses me no end

I love her freckled nose
And I'd like to kiss
Her smile
But when she gets close I want to run a mile

Some say it's not normal
For a girl to feel this way
But now I decided
They can deal with it today

I cannot live these lies!
But I see your judging eyes
Why should it matter that
I like girls and I like guys?

Ladies and gentlemen,
Boys and girls,
What's the big deal
If there's love in this world?

Too long we have judged,
But today I'm proud to say
I'm me (and I'm bi)

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