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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Blame My Poetry Obsession on This Book!

So, I've been writing a lot of free verse poetry these past few days. Like a maniac, I would even dare say. It all began from a book I found at the library. I would highly recommend you to read it if you've always wanted to write poetry, but don't know where to start. Lyne encourages you to not try to rhyme, but to just go ahead and put yours words down.

A shocker for you (and for me, as well): In just four days, I've written 103 short poems! But they're just 'poem-sketches', the book will explain what it is. Basically, they're the raw material that still needs the rewriting and refining. :)
[Yes, I do feel quite accomplished, indeed!]

So, here's the book that has gotten me into such a frenzy:

"Writing poetry from the inside out: finding your voice through the craft of poetry"
by Sandford (Sandy) Lyne

I should warn you, though, reading this is dangerous! So be careful! 


And here ends the post of MaidenStar...
Till next time, tot tot, my lovelies!


  1. Cool! I stopped rhyming either. Really? 103 poems? That wouldn't be possible for me!

    1. Actually, it was 108, after I counted it again. I know, it was crazy, but I was just bursting with words to jot down! xD

  2. That's a lot of poems.Good job


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