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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cat Interview

The following interviewee is a precious black-and-white kitty cat of a youthful age, with inquisitive bright eyes and a curious marking. He kindly agreed to the interview as I noticed him journeying by the fence. An exciting conversation by Jadefireeyes.

Reporter: Good morning! What’s your name!

Cat: Dashfuly-Black-With-Brilliant-Green-Eyes-And-A-Large-White-As-Well-As-A-Tint-Of-Beige-Patch-On-The-Neck-

Reporter: That’s a rather cumbersome name.

Cat: Indeed it is. But Mother knows best. With so many similar siblings that resemble me, how else is she supposed to call me for dinner?

Reporter: Hmmm. That’s a clever idea after all. But first, let me ask… What’s your preferred sunny spot?

Cat: Right there on the porch, where the sun slants just right.

Reporter: What’s your favorite place in the neighborhood?

Cat: Here in the backyard, where there’s so much to explore: trees, butterflies, flowers, rocks. Smells, scents and sounds!

Reporter: What’s the coolest thing you ever found there?

Cat: An extraordinarily extremely large shoe. I nearly fell inside, but the shoelaces were fun to play with.

Reporter: Where do you go when it rains?

Cat: I shelter beneath cars. I just hope they don’t move!

Reporter: What would you rather be: a cat or a human?

Cat: A cat, of course! Do you honestly think that a fantastic feline such as I would discover as many adventures as a person?

Reporter: Oh, I see… Are you friendly with other cats?

Cat: Not quite. We are solitary creatures, you know. Unwelcome strangers pass by my home all the time. I just give them a stare and they get the right idea.

Reporter: But aren’t you just a kitten? You don’t seem aggressive to me-

Cat: ROAR!

Reporter: Wow! You really scared me.

Cat: ‘Course I did. (Contented purr.) Mama taught me how to be the scariest kitty in the neighborhood. Pretty soon I shall frighten all my siblings into shivering mice!

Reporter: You’ve got big ambitions. You’re quite diabolical too…

Cat: I hope in the right way! (Wink.)

Reporter: It was nice talking to you.

Cat: My pleasure. If you come back, I’ll show you my favorite scratching post!

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