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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Story Chapter Two

When she awoke, Jena almost forgot where she was. Then she remembered last night.

She was in Tyvana’s dwelling, which she occupied alone ever since her mother died; her father lived in a completely different place, and her older brother Meran now moved in with his mate-to-be.  An autumn breeze swept into the room while the cold sun shone above.

Right now the room was empty since Tyvana had left her bed long ago, probably in the early hours of morning. Good. No one to scold her about sleeping almost to noon.

Jena gazed around the hut, which was smaller than Resmorha’s but far neater. Tyvana’s vacant bed was folded, as well as all her clothes. However, there were hardly any personal belongings. Tyvana’s remark from yesterday seemed to echo in the rafters: “Father prefers not to show favoritism. I’ll have to find my own place in the pack.”

With a sigh, Jena bent up from the soft furs on the floor and decided to change. Tyvana had left a set of clothes for her in the corner of the room, not because she was being nice but because they were those of a large man.

Jena began to slip of her tattered hide leggings when she saw the scar.

It stretched from her hip to almost the middle of her thigh. It was horribly ragged. Under closer examination, there were a few old wounds on her chest too, including one over her heart.

What had happened to her?

Jena tried to remember in vain. She slipped on the several sizes too large clothes and stepped outside.

Brown leaves spiraled around as a wind flopped Jena’s enormous shirt around. In the daytime the camp looked different; less menacing without the dark forest circling around it, and devoid of the fires burning spookily through the night.


She was about to go back inside when she noticed Tyvana up ahead, carrying a bow and a set of arrows. Jena waved to the teenage girl but she ignored her, walking towards the North Entrance.


By the way, there were only three ways in and out of camp. The North Entrance was the only one really used. The other two (East and South) were small paths only to serve as exits in the case of an emergency.


“Obviously, we’re only going to lay our scents on the main entrance, so any enemy is going to think there are no others,” Meran had told her as they were walking to the mage, his dark ponytail swishing as he walked.


“Wait a heartbeat,” Kani broke in. “Why are we telling her? Isn’t she like our enemy?”


“Well actually, you idiot, we’re going to keep a close watch on her. In fact, we should tell her, so we know how she’s going to try to escape!”


But she didn’t seemed to be watched at all. Could she possibly… explore, since Tyvana had definitely left camp?


As soon as she thought about this someone struck a blow on her shoulder. Jena sprang around, only to see Tyvana’s sneering face.


“Why did you do that? I thought you left!”


Tyvana paused, lips twisting in amusement.  “Ah, you thought, human. Can’t I give you a little test? instead of staring into space, do something!”


“Well, I –“


“I as usual had to get up at dawn, even thought I was on the night patrol yesterday. Where I found you. And speaking of you, the leader wants to see you.”

Jena became even colder with anxiety as they passed by trees creaking with wind. Tyvana’s father wanted to see her?

The world wailed as winds spun through camp, sending the first fallen leaves around in circles. Above spanned the sky, still brilliant blue but yawning with cold. Jena wrapped her loose clothes tighter around her body.

Tyvana slowed down as they reached the largest hut in camp. The girl with the arrows paused to bow before stepping through the curtained doors. Jena, unsure of what to do, kneeled as well.

Dozens of woven mats lined up in the dark interior. The place was scented with fragrant smoke and fresh tree sap. At the very front stood a row of imposing chairs, the first ones Jena had seen so far. A dim figure was seated there now.

“Greetings Alpha Lahon,” Tyvana spoke.

“Tyvana Lahon, I summoned for the newcomer. Is this her?” His eyes were illuminated by a few wax candles and they flickered to Jena.

“Yes, Alpha Lahon, this is the Unmarked newcomer.” Was it just her, or did Tyvana’s voice just tremble?

“Daughter, you may be dismissed.”

With only the slightest movement of her gown Tyvana slipped through the entrance curtains.

Jena’s heart raced as she realized she was now alone. “Sit,” Lahon geatsured to one of the mats. The weave of bark and wood scraps poked through her clothes. Her hands were ice.

“As you might already know, this is the Alpha Council House. This is where pack meetings are held; Where clan leaders discuss the current state of things and declare war and make peace. This is also where I live when I am not busy with the pack.

“Whereas in the outside world we are all equal demons, here you will refer to me as Alpha Lahon, for I am your superior. The more wrathful from of the Place of Spirits witnesses the comings and goings here, and it had decreed boundaries will be set in the heart of every clan.”

The silence allowed Jena to ponder on the strong perfumes in the massive room and wondered, What lies beyond the back curtains?

“As I am now your leader beyond further notice, you will respect and do everything I say. Understand?”

Jena nodded although she doubted he could see her.

“You will ask my daughter to go hunting with you and show you the forest. You are dismissed.”

She stumbled to find Tyvana.


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