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Friday, June 29, 2012

Poem: Hurt

It is human to feel pain.
It is not humane for someone to hurt you.
Here, does not the tear sound so loud when falling on your pillow,
Loud as a rain drop thousands of feet up?
And your throat aches, as unpleasant
As the smell of ozone.
I try to be perfect but she only criticizes.
I came to your doorstep expecting comfort,
Finding only black cobblestones you tried to bleach
And a dead cat impaled by a telephone pole,
Stiff and silent.
I try to remember that night.
There were stars above the city.
Birdsong within a thunder storm.
You want to experience my pain,
Wanting excitement.
You do not know it will only make your hollow heart emptier.
You only see the poppies blowing. *

*After World War I the country sides of France were covered with poppies, including the graves who died.

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