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Monday, December 5, 2011

Photography: Hamsters

These were sent in by my friend, of her now deceased hamster, Pikusz. She was going to take photos of her other hamster, Chuey, which is also the daughter of Pikusz, but she sadly passed away just a week after her father. She was only a year old, which is young for hamster years. (I don't think she died because she missed him. They were kept in different cages or they would bite eachother to pieces. Parents and offspring don't show affection for one another.) Anyway, I like her creativity.

Just in case you're wondering, Chuey was brown and white, and not an albino as well. I think she's a mix of her father and mother, Pika, who was dark furred.


  1. oh!!!!!! such a cute little hamster! but such a BIG butt!!!!! :*]

  2. Why would anyone want to eat a cowboy hamster!?!?


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